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PROMETHEU’s proposition, at a glance, consists of a multi-purpose photonic PIC that will generate traction in the fields of neuromorphic and quantum engineering offering a unified photonic platform, including both passive and active components alongside high-speed electronics. Different chip generations/adaptations will be able to:

Realize multiple photonic neural network architectures by the same chip.

Realize ultra-fast large-scale photonic spiking neural networks (SNN) by co-integrating laser neurons.

Realize high-speed chip rewiring and minimizing power consumption by combining non-volatile ferroelectric technology with low loss silicon photonics.

Realize quantum key generation and explore disruptive concepts such as quantum neuromorphic computing and in particular Quantum Reservoir Computing (QRC).

Exploit the chip´s structural randomness to realize PUFs and disruptive alternatives, such as quantum PUFs

Address demanding applications in the biomedical and industrial fields.

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